Top Ten Reasons to Believe You Might be a Massage Therapist……

In honor of National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, I’m posting one of my favorite lists pulled together from various sources. We all need a laugh now and again! You’ll know you’re a massage therapist if you laugh or nod your head as you read this list.

(Thanks to everyone who contributed to my list. No, I didn’t think these up on my own.)

10. You call 20 to 30 hours a week “full time”.

 9. Snoring, drooling and farting are all high compliments.

 8. Everyone you know tells you about this knot that they have.

 7. Everyone wants a massage at your family reunions.

 6. You’re the strongest muscle relaxant available without a prescription.

 5. You make A & P jokes.

 4. You notice someone’s posture before their looks or clothes.

 3. You ask for medical books for your birthday.

 2. Someone says Tensor Fasciae Latae and you know it’s not a coffee drink.

 AND the number one reason to believe you’re a massage therapist……..

1. Someone says you’re a pain in the butt and you actually think of the names of the muscles.



About angelmassagebatesville

I'm a licensed massage therapist and certified geriatric massage therapist in Batesville, Indiana. My passion is serving those experiencing pain and stress with caring, skilled massage therapy and bodywork.
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