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Reduce stress and relieve pain with a visit to Angel Light Therapeutic Massage in Batesville. 

People often ask why I decided to become a massage therapist in Batesville, Indiana. Part of me is a nurturer, always wanting to take care of people.  Yet another aspect is my curiosity and wish to understand how we are put together. Why does our body work the way it does? What a magnificent machine we are; so complex yet working at maximum efficiency! This all came together as a calling to pursue a career in massage therapy.Years ago in a meditation group, a massage therapist told me that as I spoke about my hopes for the future he envisioned me practicing massage. He said I had the heart of a servant and the hands of a healer. He clarified that he meant a servant in the sense of one who is devoted to service to others. I’ll never forget him or his message. He was a major influence on my entering SHI School of Medical Massage in the fall of 2006. After graduation, I opened Angel Light Therapeutic Massage & Energy Therapy and began my journey as a massage therapist.

Improving quality of life and relieving pain is my intent when I work with someone. Some people come to me for wellness massage because they understand the value of staying healthy and the role massage plays in a healthy lifestyle. Others suffer from chronic pain or daily stress that is affecting their body in a negative way. If I can improve a client’s quality of life with stress relief, pain relief or improved health, I have satisfied my purpose as a healing servant. 

So what can I bring to you as a client? You will always be more than an appointment that fills my schedule. Each of my clients is unique and I will work with you to meet your goal during the massage session. At your first appointment, you will fill out a health history and I will take time to discuss your concerns and questions. I work with a caring, intuitive touch that is backed by excellent training in medical massage. After your massage, we can discuss the outcome of your treatment. The body has a story to tell, we just need to listen.

In case you’re wondering about my professional training:

  • 2008 graduate SHI School of Medical Massage, Lebanon, Ohio
  • 2008 licensed by Ohio State Medical Board in Massage Therapy
  • 2008 certified by National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
  • 2009 licensed by Indiana Board of Massage Therapy
  • 2010 certified by the Day-Break Geriatric Massage Institute 

Please call or email to make an appointment or to discuss the benefits that massage therapy can offer you.

George Ann Betts

Certified Massage Therapist                                                                                        Certified Geriatric Massage Therapist

muscle pain massage batesville indiana

George Ann Betts CMT, NCTMB

4 Responses to About Me

  1. Tieanda Parker says:

    Hi I was just wanting to see if these prices are the same or if anything has changed about it. My husband and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary Saturday and we’ve never had a massage before, so I’m just curious on how it works. Thanks for your time!

  2. Gindy51 says:

    Tieanda, I am a client of George Ann’s and you will not regret getting a massage from her. The prices she has listed are the ones I currently pay when I receive a massage. Try it, I guarantee you will be back for more.

  3. I would like to buy a gift certificate
    George Ann,
    I am in Indy. My company works with the Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce. One of their employees (Ali) is experiencing back pain and I hoped a massage might help.
    Are you a member? They have a bias for trading with members. I am not familiar with the therapist in the area and found you on google.
    I am eager to get her in to see you CC in hand.

    • Hello Cole. I am a member of the Batesville Area Chamber of Commerce. I have gift certificates that can be purchased through my website. The blue button to the right of the page will take you to the gift certificate page. You can email, text, or print out a gift certificate for Ali. I work by appointment only so once she has the GC, she can call and set up an appointment. Thank you for your interest! George Ann

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