Your First Massage

Your first visit to Angel Light Therapeutic Massage in Batesville. What can you expect? Experience the best in pain relief, stress reduction and wellness massage.

Deciding to receive your first massage can be a little intimidating. When you don’t really know what to expect, it’s almost easier to put off that massage than reap the benefits of pain and stress relief. Please don’t let the unknown hold you back from experiencing your first massage therapy session.

Let me take you through an example of a first time visit to my office.

reduce chronic muscle pain

When you enter my office, you’ll find yourself in a comfortable waiting area but you won’t need to wait very long. I keep on schedule because I know your time is as important as mine.

We’ll take about fifteen minutes to fill out a health history before the  massage. This health history will cover general information like address and phone number as well as medical conditions, medications, and old or recent injuries. We’ll also discuss your goal for the massage. This information lets me give you the proper type of massage. Some people come for stress relief while others want relief from chronic pain due to old or new injuries. I may ask a lot of questions to help me plan a massage that is a perfect fit for you. Everything you tell me is held in strictest confidence; no information ever leaves my office. I will explain my plan for your massage before you undress. You always have the right to ask questions or even refuse any part of a treatment plan that I suggest.

After we’re finished with the health history, I’ll ask that you undress to your level of comfort after I leave the room.  Some people leave their underwear on and some completely undress. What you are comfortable with is the right way. You will lie on the massage table under a sheet and blanket and call me back into the massage room when you are ready. You will always be properly draped during the massage. I will only uncover the part of your body on which I’m working then redrape it when I’ve finished. If you are uncomfortable at any time during the massage, please tell me so I can change my technique or pressure. When I’ve finished with the front side of your body, I’ll hold the sheet in place while you turn onto your stomach and place your face in the face cradle. After I finish the back of your legs and back/shoulders, I’ll place a warm towel on your back to close the massage. I’ll leave the room so you can slowly get off the table and dress.

Please understand this is a very general description of a visit to my office. Every massage is unique, as all people have different concerns and treatment plans. Be assured that I will always respect your privacy and personal concerns. I follow the American Massage Therapy Association Code of Ethics and support high ethical standards.

I hope to see you soon!

George Ann Betts CMT, NCTMB

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