Custom Bodywork Massage   Combinations of various massage techniques address your specific areas of tension, soreness and tightness. It is especially helpful for painful, tight areas such as stiff neck, lower back tightness and sore shoulders.                                     60 min-$65       90 min-$95


Swedish Massage   Flowing, rhythmic strokes relax tight muscles, stimulate blood circulation and loosen stiff joints. Swedish massage is often used to complement stress management because of its deeply relaxing effects on the nervous system.                              60 min-$65     90 min-$95


Geriatric Massage  Massage for the elderly population, in an age appropriate or more frail state of health, uses different techniques and a maximum time of a half (1/2) hour. Massage for this specialized age group helps to increase circulation, stimulate the nervous system, relax the mind and soften hardened muscle and connective tissue safely and effectively. Geriatric massage is a health maintenance regime that increases the quality of life.  I  am trained and certified by the Day-Break Geriatric Massage Institute.                                                                                                                             30 min-$35        


Hot Stone Massage   Heated basalt stones combine with relaxing massage strokes to apply moving and static pressure to the body, focusing on tight muscle groups. The deep heat supplied by the rocks increases local blood circulation and assists in healing sore muscles. This treatment is deeply relaxing and soothing.                                                          90 min-$110


Focused Massage    This type of massage concentrates on a specific problem area that needs work. Tight shoulders, stiff neck, aching lower back and sore wrists/hands are examples of the areas that can benefit from a half hour massage.                                             30 min-$35


On-site Chair Massage  Make your next event special by including a short massage session for your guests. Chair massage offers a fully clothed treatment of the head, neck, shoulders, back and arms that will relax and rejuvenate. Consider offering chair massage at your bridal shower, employee appreciation event, retreat or family event.                   $80/hour, two-hour minimum required



6 Responses to Services/Fees

  1. Karen Ehrman says:

    I live on 314 So. Huntersville Road. I also have a massage table. I am wondering if you ever go to someones home.
    Karen Ehrman

  2. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for visiting my website! I don’t generally go to peoples’ homes to do massage because I have a lovely, comfortable office from which to work. It is easily accessible to those with disabilities and I can modify the massage to accommodate the client, whether seated or on the table. If you have any further questions, feel free to call me at 812-363-5906.
    All the best,
    George Ann

  3. Shyann says:

    Hi I just had a quick question, I want to surprise my boyfriend with a massage and I was wondering if I pay for a custom bodywork massage for 60 minutes and a Swedish massage for 60 minutes can I do that all in one session or would I have to schedule two different sessions?

    • Hi Shyann, I can accommodate a two hour massage, but most people seem to enjoy 60 to 90 minutes for their session. The Swedish massage and deeper pressure and stretching can be combined into one session, and that is what the custom massage tries to do. I have an intake form and consultation required before a massage session so I can understand what the person’s goal is for their massage. That way they can let me know if they have problem areas of discomfort that need treatment. If I combine the Swedish and custom massage into a two hour session, it would not seem like two separate massages because I would mix the techniques to keep the massage flowing smoothly.
      I hope this answers your question. Call me at 812-363-5906 if you have more questions or would like to purchase a gift certificate.
      All the best,
      George Ann

  4. Tonya Myers says:

    Do you have any appointments available Thursday evening after 4pm

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