Can energy work complement massage therapy?

“It is possible there exist human emanations that are still unknown to us. Do you remember how electrical currents and ‘unseen waves’ were laughed at? The knowledge about man is still in its infancy.” ~ Albert Einstein

Can energy work and massage therapy coexist as complementary treatments? Ask this question in a group of massage therapists and you’ll usually get two responses. One group will nod in unison, while the other group will just roll their eyes and sigh.

Does empirical evidence always trump subjective observation? Well, some massage therapists give a resounding yes! We all studied anatomy and physiology in our massage therapy schools. Our instructors gave us a sound basis in scientific deductive reasoning to critically assess our clients to create a treatment plan. Energy work relies on clearing and balancing the energetic system in what appears to be a subjective way. It comes down to what the energy worker “feels” when they are working on someone.

Like it or not, understanding energy in the human body seems to be a recurring theme. Our bodies function with minute electrical impulses which cause muscles to contract and synapses to fire. James Oschman has researched the piezoelectric phenomenon occurring in bone,muscle, and tendon at the cellular level which produces electric fields with every movement of the body. The many proteins act as transfers for these currents in the connective tissue of our bodies, suggesting a conducting network that could be the basis for acupuncture and acupressure meridians.  

I’m not saying that energy work is better than massage therapy, or even that it is a necessary part. I’m proposing that our bodies are complex and not completely understood. We must strive to support an open, questioning mind and hold our massage clients’ well-being as our number one priority.

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