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Let’s debunk the detox myth.

What does the word “detox” mean? In the case of supplements or diets, it is primarily a marketing term that is backed up by little or no evidence. Often times, no two companies use the same definition. While the claims of … Continue reading

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Top Ten Reasons to Believe You Might be a Massage Therapist……

In honor of National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, I’m posting one of my favorite lists pulled together from various sources. We all need a laugh now and again! You’ll know you’re a massage therapist if you laugh or nod your … Continue reading

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“Fixing is a form of judgement”

A client of mine passed away several days ago. I suppose this shouldn’t surprise me considering a segment of my massage practice is elderly and in declining health. When I began working in geriatric massage, I knew it was a … Continue reading

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I’m not done learning yet….

I heard a massage therapist make a comment the other day that just floored me. We were talking about the time spent in massage school and her opinion was that she had put in her time learning to do a … Continue reading

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Why I love/hate continuing education.

Massage therapy is not a static art. Like any career/vocation, we need to stay up to date, well-trained and excited about our work. Training doesn’t end with graduation from massage therapy school. In fact, the learning is just beginning with … Continue reading

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Can energy work complement massage therapy?

“It is possible there exist human emanations that are still unknown to us. Do you remember how electrical currents and ‘unseen waves’ were laughed at? The knowledge about man is still in its infancy.” ~ Albert Einstein Can energy work … Continue reading

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