Why I love/hate continuing education.

Massage therapy is not a static art. Like any career/vocation, we need to stay up to date, well-trained and excited about our work. Training doesn’t end with graduation from massage therapy school. In fact, the learning is just beginning with an exciting array of knowledge to be absorbed at continuing education seminars. Keeping our knowledge up to date and maintaining our skills is what separates the good massage therapists from the best massage therapists.

I have a love/hate relationship with my continuing ed requirements. Nothing excites me more or refreshes my dedication to massage therapy than learning new techniques and gathering with other massage therapists. The only down side for me is time, travel and cost. It’s hard to schedule time away from clients and my family. Life is a huge juggling act and keeping all the balls in the air can be a challenge, but like everyone else, I manage to pull it off successfully. 

In February, I’m taking time to become certified in geriatric massage to better serve my elderly clientele. Over the last few years, I’ve discovered that I really enjoy working with seniors but I realize I need more training. Seniors are such a diverse group because overall they don’t categorize as “typical” in a given age range. Some are quite robust while others of the same age can be frail and wheelchair bound. Cognitive abilities can range from alert to dementia and Alzheimer’s. The healing power of massage is amazing in its ability to revitalize and nurture this specialized group.

“Clients of geriatric massage report sleeping better, a reduction in stress, relief from arthritis and chronic pain, increased recovery time from surgeries, better circulation, lower blood pressure and relief from some symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.” (Sharon Puszko, Geriatric Massage A new face for the future, 2009-2010)

For more information on the benefits of geriatric massage, read this article by Sharon Puszko http://www.massagetherapycanada.com/content/view/1551/ . She is teaching the cont ed class I’ll be attending in February.

Angel Light Therapeutic Massage Batesville IN

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I'm a licensed massage therapist and certified geriatric massage therapist in Batesville, Indiana. My passion is serving those experiencing pain and stress with caring, skilled massage therapy and bodywork.
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2 Responses to Why I love/hate continuing education.

  1. Karen Teague says:

    How was Sharon Puszko’s continuing ed class in geriatric massage? I am an LMT in Wisconsin — work independently at an assisted living community — and desparately need training. I’m interested in your experience in getting certified?

    • Hi Karen,
      The DayBreak Geriatric Massage Institute classes are wonderful and I can recommend them highly. I not only took the Level 1 class but six weeks later took the Level 2 class because I was so excited about what I had learned. I, too, work in an assisted living facililty and was starting to realize I needed more specific massage training to work with the elderly. Doing light Swedish massage was not working adequately as my clients were getting older, and the more frail residents I wasn’t sure how to massage at all.

      After the Level 1 class, I was able to apply the protocol and the client loved it. Most importantly, she felt good after the massage instead of worn out. The Level 2 class focuses more on the frail, bedridden, dementia and end of life clients. We actually went to two care facilities to work with this type of resident under Sharon’s supervision. What a wonderful experience!

      These classes are taught all over the USA. I suggest you check out the website and class schedule for more information – http://www.daybreak-massage.com.

      All the best,
      George Ann

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