Oh, the things people say!

I was thinking this morning about things massage therapists say to their clients during a massage session and came up with a couple of gems that have been said to me. 

 Here’s my favorite from way back: “Wow, you’ve got a really boney chest.”  Hey, don’t I know it! Granted, the therapist was new and probably nervous. I think she realized she was babbling.

“Your traps are REALLY tight and your rhomboids, too.  I can’t believe it.” Yup, that’s why I’m here, now work your magic, but please warm up the area before using that bony elbow on my aching shoulders.

Looking back, these were rather funny comments to me, BUT maybe not to another client on the table. Pointing out the obvious on another person’s body just isn’t good form. 

What I took away from these experiences makes me more aware of the fine line between chatting and talking too much during a massage. Saying less and letting my massage do the talking works for me.

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